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Bitcoin Ticker Hourly

Bitcoin Ticker Hourly :

I made this based upon a project for a BTC price ticker, which obtains price information from originally written by Brian Lough. He used the ESP8266, which is an Arduino compatible board that comes with built in WiFi. As he described, the project will run on any ESP8266 device and the code should be easily adaptable to whatever screen you have.

Bitcoin Ticker Hourly

I have added some more information on programming the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 board. It is also worth noting the latest ones come with a USB-C connector. In my photos I am using an older board that has serial pins and a separate board you temporarily plug onto it to program it. I have also added an alarm warning that alerts you (maybe) to a sudden spike or drop in the price relative to the price variability over the previous 10 to 15 minutes. I have found that this is what I am using the device for, as an early warning of a something going on.

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